Field Testing

Marquistech has been delivering test services to the wireless industry. We are striving to become leaders in the wireless test services. Marquistech Technologies provide low cost Testing services integrated with excellent quality of Engineers. The company's end-to-end device test service has been a great success. A key benefit of the service is one point of contact that communicates, manages and drives the entire device test process from start to finish. Device testing is challenging enough without the added frustration of keeping track of the latest test requirements and correct equipment configuration. Our customers then spend more time coordinating their device from one lab to another lab, trying to get test results information quickly and sometimes just trying to contact someone who can provide accurate information. Marquistech has developed processes to accommodate our wireless customers, making the entire process a positive and useful experience, while saving valuable time. Besides Marquistech also offers effective solutions to cater to the needs of handset compatibility test services.

Marquistech handset compatibility service has come a long way in just two short years. Marquistech's Handset Compatibility Service offers much more than the impressive number of handsets available for test. The service includes full coordination of handset provisioning, handset and network service set up. The lab provides testing across a multitude of handsets on varying GSM and CDMA networks. The company purchases new handset models monthly to ensure an up to date inventory of the most widely marketed handsets.

What We Offer

Marquistech has designed several pre-test services for their customers. The services offer a comprehensive set of lab and live network tests for various wireless testing such as GPS, LBS, MIP/DMU, 1XRTT / EVDO, Audio Quality, Bluetooth and more! In addition, all services include the support providing each customer with a one point of contact from start to finish.

And there’s more…..because the Marquistech Handset Compatibility test engineering team is familiar with handset and accessory characteristics and network behavior, the Marquistech team will develop an efficient and cost effective test plan to ensure testing across the appropriate handset models.

  • GPS Testing
  • E-MAIL CLIENT testing
  • ONLINE SHARE testing
  • VOIP CLIENT testing
  • VIDEO Streaming
  • HSDPA testing in live networks