Environmental Testing

We have an environmental testing facility for Electronics products as per IS 9000/IEC 60068, which is a major part of our business. We have built up extensive competence in this field to give the better result of testing to our customers, and we are a leading provider of Electronics equipment testing.

Market access for Environmental Testing

Marquistech is a leading provider of environmental testing facilities for Electronics products as per IS 9000/IEC 60068. We are able to provide market access based on our reports.

Marquistech is a testing laboratory that helps customers to get  Indian approvals as per Indian standards. We have competent manpower with extensive knowledge to provide better results as per testing standards.

Environmental Testing standards covered by Marquistech

  • IEC 60068-1: 2013 (Environmental testing – Part 1: General and guidance )
  • IS 9000: Basic environmental testing procedures for electronic and electrical items

Environmental products does Marquistech cover

  • Basic Environmental Testing Procedures for Electronic and Electrical Items, Part 1: General

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