Camera Testing

No other feature in a smartphone has driven so much of focus, innovation and attention towards it over the years as Camera, and it will continue to do so. Marquistech’s test charts, equipment and consulting services enable clients to develop the best outcomes from the lens possible. We have been working on testing capabilities of best-in-class lenses and ensuring best possible outcomes. We provide tools, resources, and knowledge to test all types of imaging systems.

Marquistech’s camera testing focus points:

· AF/AWB/ISO/EV/HDR/S/Zoom/Beauty/Dazzle Color
· Telescopic/Standard/Wide-Angle Lens
· Image quality and Proper exposure
· Accurate color reproduction and saturation
· Highlight and shadow details
· Proper flash illumination
· Shutter Sound/Speed
· Image sharpness and Lens dissertation
· Flash tests and Resolution

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