Consultancy Services

Our experience and our unique insight allow us to become effective mobile testing consulting services.

We are a dynamic device testing company, and we love to create solutions. From idea development to testing, we offer mobile strategy consultancy services that can lead to positive results. Marquistech Consultants has delivered a significant number of mobile testing projects for many reputed companies. Our engineers working as consultants in reputed organizations are known for delivering superior value by leveraging industry-leading expertise and capabilities with high levels of manual and automation testing.

Our pool of consultants go beyond “Pass/Fail” conditions to evaluate the entire customer experience. Being an established device testing company, we offer several consulting services to our customers, including proof of concept, requirement analysis. Our Consulting services which are about finding solutions based on industry knowledge and standards helps our customers to transform their business processes and become a future-ready mobile venture.

Below are some key features of our consultancy services:
· Modem Testing.
· Functional Testing.
· UI testing.
· Automation Testing.
· Performance Testing.
· Security Testing.
· Audio Testing.
· Camera Testing.
· Mobile application Testing
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