Carrier Acceptance Test

Every operator’s main motivation for a subscriber to select a mobile operator are the costs and the quality of the cellular network. Network coverage, reliability and performance are the key factors for customer satisfaction and influence many subscriber decisions for service provider change.

Marquistech mobile operator tester verifies the user experiences of the mobile operator for all relevant network applications and services and provides key performance indicators to access the network quality of an operator. Our year of experiences in the testing sector includes operator test under realistic conditions replacing the mobile operator usages of subscribers also load and stress testing on the air interface. Our test plan set up consists of live network test, test problem, IOT containing mobile phones are located on selected measurement points and communicated with test unit that coordinated the test activities. In our test plan PSTN lines can be actively involved also. And our test results reveal typical mobile operator performance.

Key features of operator test:
· Call success and connection loss rate
· Supported RAT
· Supported Band
· Complete IOT
· Time required for connection establishment/Call set up time
· Voice/Video (If supported) quality
· Vo-Wi-Fi connection establishment (If supported)
· Data throughput on uplink and downlink
· Mobile network monitoring
· Roaming tests
· Handover performance
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