End user testing (EUT)

User testing is the critically important process of testing your device/product with real users in real scenarios. We offer you a kind of user testing globally which is fastest and best solution to find bugs, defects and usability issues for devices which have complex and advanced features of a device. Our target users around the world would like to participate in testing and provide feedback on different aspects by testing the device/product and commit to provide feedback directly to Marquistech or to our valuable client.
Our solution provides device user testing globally the way it was always meant to be: lightweight and flexible, fully contained by native device technologies. The end result is a genuine, unencumbered report illustrating all possibilities to improve the product by all means. Taps, swipes, pinches, and any screen interaction is shown with precise detail through video results.

Our professional engineers are spread all over the world. In the beginning of the project our professionals will help you to collect devices from your locations and handover to the coordinator of the preferred locations. As well as help coordinator and users to delivering a proper introduction of the device (Like what to do and what not to, how to take logs, reporting a bag etc).

Watching users try to accomplish tasks on is the most effective and efficient way to cover usability problems. Our training will empower users to conduct quick and cheap usability tests throughout the project lifecycle, without having to set up an official testing setup. After learning the benefits of traditional testing techniques users will learn how to facilitate sessions, develop test plans, analyze data, and how to report bugs. Before handing over the devices to the users we got them signed in a form named NDA where some necessary term and conditions are mentioned which they should be followed strictly during the test cycle.

Global pool of users:

As Marquistech is a global leading testing company and our extremely knowledgeable and experienced professional are representing us across the global market so we would clearly know what type of users you are looking for to complete your project before deadline with good human insight. We are the one who can arrange professional users for your project within a short notice.

Why us?

· We analyse your requirement in terms of usability test.
· Have determine the mythology you want to use.
· Be able to describe to potential participants the objective of the project and how the project will be conducted
· Able to explain properly to all the users about their part in the project.
· After getting project knowledge from client we know how many users required to complete the project on time.
· Know what type of users will perform well in the project cycle.
· We would offer best reword for users based on their performance.

Our policy:

· Target.
· Engagement.
· Discover.
· Share.
· Faster way to get quality human insight.
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