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MATT is designed to expedite testing processes,streamline workflows, and alleviate work burdens.

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About MATT Tool

MATT stands for  “Marquistech Automation Test Tool”.  In the world of mobile and chipset development, testing is an essential phase to ensure that your device functions flawlessly across various networks and operating systems. Manual testing can be time-consuming, especially with the growing number of mobile devices and frequent updates to mobile platforms. This is where automation comes into play, and MATT is a cutting-edge application that’s transforming the landscape of mobile automation testing.

At MATT, our primary goal is to enhance and simplify the daily operations of
mobile device testing. MATT is designed to expedite testing processes, streamline workflows, and alleviate work burdens.

MATT is a versatile solution that seamlessly integrates with emerging technologies.

MATT has the capability to automatically generate a comprehensive suite of User Actions based on real-world usage scenarios. Utilizing MATT empowers you to conduct meticulous and in-depth tests, obtain valuable performance assessments, and access a comprehensive array of test results and comparative analyses.

When MATT is in operation, it excels at capturing and swiftly compiling a wealth of valuable data. This data undergoes thorough analysis, resulting in the creation of insightful reports that deliver highly accurate KPIs. Robust testing is crucial for delivering exceptional user experiences and MATT empowers you to evaluate
the performance of both mobile devices and networks effectively.

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Product Overview of MATT Tool

  • MATT is an automation test tool used for testing the android devices.
  • This tool can be used for stress testing/long-hour testing of Android devices which is used for mobility & stationary test-related scenarios.
  • MATT(USB) is a UI-based automation test tool (using a USB cable)for testing Android phones and smart watches which is on Wear OS Android 11 and currently, we tested on Samsung Smartwatch.
  • For developing the tool, we used UI Automator which is a UI testing framework suitable for cross-app functional UI testing across systems and installed apps
  • MATT supports the minimum version of Android 10.0
  • MATT supports several features of automation tests such as CALL, SMS, WI-FI connectivity, FTP(UL/DL), web browsing, Mixed scenarios, Switch App from Browser  Mobility scenarios, etc.
  • In the Execution of Test cases in Duty and Ref, we support Bluetooth Feature .
  • This tool is also helpful for getting RF condition info like RSRP, RSCP, PCI, MCC, MNC, etc.
  • MATT tool generates a test report for each test case execution in an Excel sheet file.
  • MATT tool currently supports for Android 13 (SDK -33) and the testing is undergone for Android 14(SDK-34) Mobility Scenarios.
  • Field Data Collection Apk verifies the location of the place with the Previous LAT /Long and current LAT /Long

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