1. Add single-client throughput tests

These are throughput tests over TCP and UDP, respectively. Equivalent tests exist for IPv6 (ipv6_perf_1, ipv6_perf_2, ipv6_perf_3, ipv6_perf_4) as well. Testers can control the duration of a performance test with the perfDuration testvar. A value of 15-30 seconds is usually good. When we loop the test (below), we will have many throughput data points to curate our results.

2. Add Wi-Fi stress tests

The wifi.tcl module contains several tests made to push your Wi-Fi implementation. It includes client restarts and association/disassociation of connections that, when repeated, can illustrate problems at this layer or affect throughput over time.

3. Add multi-client throughput and run again

This more intense performance testing begins to maximize the capabilities of the device you’re testing. These types of tests can be run by adding perf_multi_1, perf_multi_2, perf_multi_3, and perf_multi_4 to your test package.

4. Throughput vs Load

WiFi Access Points are expected to serve a number of customers at the same time. With a single client, most access points will deliver the maximum throughput possible with that chipset/technology. However, as the number of users increases, the drop in throughput is noticeable

•             10 clients (common in homes)

•             30 clients (the common design planning for offices)

•             40 clients (design number for larger offices)

•             60 clients (for public spaces)

5. Voice calls over WiFi

In any office, it is now standard for voice calls to run over WiFi. Even in homes, it is not unusual for the bulk of voice conversations to use WiFi. Whatever be the app – facetime, Whatsapp, google duo – the final arbitrator of quality is WiFi.

6. Video Streaming Support

Video streaming is another scenario where the fairness of the Access Point comes into play – especially for high-quality test vectors. Good video streaming performance requires two capabilities of an AP or Router to be well tuned

(i)            The ability to provide clients fair access to the network

(ii)           (ii) Prioritize video traffic over lower sensitivity traffic

7. Stability

The most obvious way customers perceive the quality of a network is by the stability of connections & service maintained. Whatever else is happening, the clients should not experience unusual drops in throughput/performance.

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