GPS tracker Testing

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide, satellite-based, radio navigation system that will give you the exact position of your vehicle, The satellites transmit signals that can be detected by GPS receivers located in your vehicles and used to determine their location with great accuracy.


Each GPS satellite transmits radio signals that enable the GPS receivers to calculate where its (or your vehicle’s) location on the Earth and convert the calculations into geodetic latitude, longitude, and velocity. A receiver needs signals from at least three GPS

satellites to pinpoint your vehicle’s position. GPS Receivers commonly used in most Vehicle tracking systems can only receive data from GPS Satellites. They cannot communicate back with GPS or any other satellite. A system based on GPS can only calculate its location but cannot send it to the central control room. In order to do this they usually use GSM-GPRS Cellular networks connectivity using an additional GSM modem/module.

 Geographical Information System, GIS is a software that consists of specially developed comprehensive and detailed maps of the city with longitude and latitude information of each place, street, junction, and address. GPS-GSM system only provides the longitude and latitude of the vehicle but GIS software if properly developed can provide details of the exact or nearby address where the vehicle is.

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