Mobile-Device Testing

Marquistech offers end to end Mobile-Device Testing which is critical for the success of any handset to be launched in market. Mobile-device testing is basically the quality check of a mobile device to ensure it meets its all the requirements & specifications designed before it is released in market for the use by actual customers.
Marquistech is one of the leading companies in Mobile device testing across the world from last 15 years. Marquistech skilled team has proved it in past and continues to do in upcoming days as well.

Marquistech offers several types of testing i.e.

  • Unit Testing;
  • Factory Testing;
  • Certification Testing.

Our portfolio comprises of

  • KPI Testing;
  • Functional Testing;
  • Stability Testing;
  • Network Testing (5G; 4G; 3G; IMS; VoWifi; Interoperability);
  • Operator Testing;
  • IoT & Smart device Testing;
  • Certification (GCF; GMS);
  • Compliance &
  • Pre-Compliance Testing;
  • Consumer Trials;
  • Compatibility Testing;
  • Usability Testing;
  • Security Testing;
  • Automation Testing.
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