Lab Testing

Marquistech device testing lab is a highly organized solution that revolutionizes device testing. It saves time and infrastructure maintenance by:

· Automating mobile testing.
· Scaling to support every devices, tablets and operating system.
· Enabling validation of mobile device on a multitude of real handset and networks.
· Removing the need to procure different devices and platforms.
· Shorting the testing cycle.

Never wait for a device or platform to test new devices again. Spend less or maintain your test infrastructure and test devices faster and more efficiently. Marquistech makes it easy.

Lab- Audio Test:

Sound quality can be subjective, but we still need standard criteria to measure and test sound qualities.Marquistech has developed a unique set of rigorous test protocols that mirrors the experience of people who use their devices for audio. Inside our specially commissioned laboratory at our commercial office in Delhi, India, our audio engineers use a series of multimedia and audio samples that represent the full range of a user’s experience when recording and playing back the sound on speakers. We use these real-world examples, called use cases, as the basis for evaluating the audio input of each device under test to ensure fair comparisons. Some of our testing protocols use purely objective measurements—in other words, the testing equipment provides test solutions for sound quality and volume to ensure your product meets user’s expectations.

Marquistech’s audio testing included:

· Level
· Frequency Response
· THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise)
· Phase
· Crosstalk
· SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)

Lab- Camera test:

Being a global leading testing company Marquistech offers device camera testing facilities also. For camera testing we have a dedicated lab setup in our commercial office in Delhi, India. Where we test how a camera deals with important image-quality challenges such as noise, accurate color reproduction, and sharpness. To evaluate a camera’s performance, we time how long it takes to perform typical functions, such as powering up and shooting the first picture, and how fast it can snap two pictures in a row. Our image-quality analyses and performance test results combine to form the basis of our overall assessment of camera’s abilities, and how it stacks up against the competition. As well as we also checked the quality of the images of the testing device by our professionals and provide the necessary results to the client.

Marquistech’s camera testing included:

· Image quality.
· Proper exposure.
· Accurate color reproduction and saturation.
· Highlight and shadow details.
· White balance accuracy.
· Proper flash illumination.
· Image sharpness.
· Lens dissertation.
· Flash turn on/off.
· Resolution.

Basically, we test every feature of a camera properly in every condition which users might be use for their experiences.

Lab- Connectivity Test:

Marquistech has expended its development and test services to global market. Now days one of our best approach for a device testing is connectivity testing inside our extremely organized lab situated in Delhi, India. Mainly our Connectivity test is a static configuration analyzer and diagnostics tool that enables you to check connectivity in the following ways:

    • Between source and destination endpoints in your virtual private cloud (VPC)network.
    • From your VPC network to and from the internet.
    • From your VPC network to and from your on-premises network.

Our tests simulates the expected forwarding path of a test packet through your VPC network or through Cloud VPN tunnels or Cloud Interconnect attachments to your on-premises network. Our connectivity tests can also simulate the expected inbound forwarding path to resources in your VPC network.

Our connectivity tests can help you troubleshoot the following network connectivity issues due to misconfiguration:

· Inconsistent configurations that are unintended.
· Obsolete configurations due to network configuration changes.
· Configuration errors for a variety of network services and functions.
· Testing from a VPC network to non VPC network and non VPC to VPC network.
· Google cloud load balancer.
· Wi-Fi tests for AP IOT.
· Enterprise connection.
· Bluetooth tests.
· Cellular tests for CS and IMS calling.
· Data connectivity.
· Network switching.
· Messaging.
· Hotspot connectivity.

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