GCF Certification

GCF (Global Certification Forum) is a certification of the ‘Quality Mark’ for interoperability trusted by the mobile industry. Field Trials are one of the most valuable part of the GCF certification process. According to some, GCF is the most trusted way to accomplish smooth operation of the device by testing it on live networks.

We provide gilt-edge testing of devices using live networks across the world. As a GCF member offers Field Trials and an operating associate of the GCF Field Trial Agreement Group, we are one of the best for GCF field trials.

Marquistech is GCF Recognized Test Organization. We authorized to perform Field Trials and Interoperability section according to NABL Certificate number TC-7664 which can see on below link.


We have an experience to give GCF Certification for different Manufactures. We are the member of FTAG (Field Trial & Interoperability Agreement Group) which Develops and maintains criteria Field Trial test scenarios and interoperability use cases. We certify all types of products like 5G Devices, IOT Products, Connected consumer devices, Smartphones and featurephones, Tablets, USB modems/chipsets, Portable Wi-Fi hotspots, Embedded modules, Laptops. We covers all technologies 5G, NB-IoT, Cat-M1 (LPWA), LTE, LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced-Pro (4G), WCDMA (3G), CDMA2000 (3G), GSM (2G). We are expertise to perform different test plans “GCF-CC-37XX-F5.1_FT-Cellular testlist”, “GCF-CC-37XX-F5.2_FT-IMS testlist”& “GCF-CC-37XX-F5.3_IOP-Combined_AE_IOT” in reference with 3GPP Specification and with the help of GSMA Association docs. We have successfully delivered GCF certification on “GCF-CC-3740 & 3760-F5.1_FT-Cellular testlist”, “GCF-CC-3740 & 3760-F5.2_FT-IMS testlist” & “GCF-CC-3740 & 3760-F5.3_IOP-Combined_AE_IOT” for our most of the precious and reputed clients in Europe and US regions on FTQ operators under GCF guidelines. We follow GCF reference docs published by forums 3GPP, ETSI, OMASpecWorks, GSMA, TSDSI, oneM2M, ngmn, 5GAA, TCCA, CTIA

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