Drive Test

Driving testing is a method of measuring and assessing the coverage, capacity, and quality of services (QOS) of a mobile network. Drive testing provides a live RF environment under a particular set of network and environmental conditions. The main benefit of drive testing is that it measures the actual network coverage and performance that a tester on the actual drive route would experience. Before starting Drive testing a good tester need to follow some basic things i.e, check weather required chargers, SIM cards, data cables, FT strips, extra batteries, earphones, SD cards, laptops with required software installed and car inverter are working properly or not. These equipments is always available with marquistech as per client requirements. Phone-based drive test systems are useful for evaluating basic network performance and are essential to characterizing the end-user experience while using the network. Phone-based systems address the need to verify network settings such as cell selection and re-selection boundaries and to measure the voice and data application performance in the live network. Most modern mobile phones chipsets have engineering measurement capabilities built into them, which were used during the mobile phone’s design process. These same parameters are exploited in drive test software to provide new value to the test engineers rolling out the final network.

Our drive-test solution includes all the necessary functionalities within portable equipment for a true device test. The mobile device under test can be in your pocket, in your car, in a train, or virtually anywhere while tests are executed. The tests include Voice Quality, Video Quality and Data Quality, SERVCC, Handover, OOS, network recovery, GPS, Bluetooth etc based on client requirement. Although through the analysis of KPI’s a tester can identify problem such as dropped calls, SRVCC fail, low data speed, among others, the drive allow a deeper analysis in field. Identifying areas of each sector of coverage, interface, evaluation of network changes and various other parameters. Being an independent testing company of larger drive testing operations and even test equipment vendors, we remain flexible in our approach and can put together a bespoke and cost-effective testing package for any virtually network. All the test measurements and analysed statistics results are sent to client directly.

Our drive test includes three major parts:

1. SCFT drive test:

Single cell functionality test or single site verification that is static test which collect each sector information of the cell site in terms of coverage and quality parameters depends upon the technology in the cellular mobile network.

2. Dynamic drive test:

Dynamic drive test means moving around the site and collects the network information of the cell site in terms of coverage and quality and also perform Short calls and long calls in order to check the network strength, stability of the network, Handover between the cell sites, voice and data quality of the mobile network.

3. MSV drive test:

Multiple site verification which collects the multiple sites of mobile network signal, network strength to enhance the QOE in cellular networks in terms of voice and data service on the mobile network which measures 4G LTE drive test radio parameters like RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, PCI, EARFCN and WCDMA drive test parameters like RSCP, RSSI, Ec/Io, PSC, UARFCN etc.

Our fundamentals for drive tests:

To check deployment of new network sites in order to meet coverage, capacity and quality requirement.

· Optimization of the network.
· Benchmarking of performances.
· Trouble shooting.
· Signal Intensity.
· Signal quality.
· Interferences.
· Dropped calls.
· Blocked calls.
· Call Statics.
· Service level statics.
· QOS information.
· Handover Information.
· Neighbouring cell Information.
· Data speed and connectivity.
· GPS location and coordinates.

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