Smart Watch / Wearables

We test every smartwatch/ smart device in a range of different scenarios to find out how they perform – from day-to-day use. We put them through several rounds of testing, too, so you can be sure our independent reviews are accurate. AS there are some fitness functions (like walking steps calculation, sleeping hours calculation, heartbeat calculation etc.) in today’s smart watches, we test these features also dedicatedly. Our test and verification services are built on a deep understanding of the latest methodologies and security threats. Our years of practical experience has led to an enviable track record of success.

The following are the focus points among many more while testing new-age blend of devices for us:

· Sound Test
· Application and daily activity trackers test
· Battery test
· Water resistivity test (Waterproof)
· Video and Audio Streaming
· Network & Connectivity
· Bluetooth connectivity test:
· GPS Navigation
· Notification
· Settings
· Clock Display Test
· Base Function Test for Smart Watch
· Video and Audio streaming

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