TV Testing

At Marquistech, we aim at a product testing procedure which may provide customers with an insight into both a product’s technical performance and its usability. To that end- we go beyond specs and measurement by placing emphasis on the user experiences as well. Our television tests are extensive and combine technical laboratory test with real world viewing experiences. We can accurately measure the amount of light a television puts out, how dark it can get while still generating a picture, how accurate its colours are out of the box, and how much input lag it’s generates.
Fundamental of TV testing:
· Verify the dimension of the TV and customisation of test suite
· Check the TV technology type and tool readiness
· Verify that Wifi/Apps/Connectivity/Sound functions correctly when accessed
· Extra focus on sync tests like that on Casting
· Verification of the screen/audio quality
· Verification of remote’s transceiver and stress test of the transceiver
Focus points may include the following among many more:
· Screen Resolution Test
· Sound Test
· Transceiver Remote Test
· Ad-hoc devices connectivity
· Video and Audio Streaming
· Network & Connectivity
· Input Check (Testing of all physical buttons of TV Se
· DTH and cable connectivity
· Applications and Software compatibility
· Cast Mirror

Washing Machine Testing

Marquistech is having a proper testing procedure which is developed based on client requirements. Marquistech testing procedure aims to fulfil the requirements i.e. representative for consumer use; suitable for verification purposes (i.e. it is repeatable and reproducible); minimizes circumvention by test cycle detection; applies accelerated testing principles resulting in a reasonable amount of resources to be used and offers the option for further automation of the test. We follow a proper procedure step by step while performing testing and i.e.
· Pre-conditioning
· Initial examination
· Testing (exposure of a washing machine to test conditions and measurements)
· Recovery (stabilization)
· Final examination
For the purpose of this test, the “testing” consists of two parts: first one which measures the performance, and second one which induces stress to the machine. After completing all of this we go to final execution and that To be done outside and inside of the machine Components may be extracted and taken apart.

RO Purifier Testing

For laboratories working in GxP and accredited environments, Marquistech is your partner of choice. Our expertise is based on:

Advanced system design and monitoring – Ensures the water purification system is aligned with the most recent regulatory guidelines
Certified Field Service Engineers – All tests are performed by specially trained validation experts
Comprehensive protocols – All tests are documented with standard operating procedures and auditable reports
Regularly calibrated instruments – All tests are performed with manufacturer-certified and calibrated instruments

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