Temporary Staffing

These services aim at relieving clients from the hassles of recruiting people for certain projects.Our services are built to meet your needs. We provide qualified test staff to companies around the world, enabling our customers to increase their current quality control staff with our field experts. Marquistech global reliable temporary staffing solutions offer you the ability to build your staff strength during critical projects, so you can meet deadlines, for any duration. We execute a flexible temporary staffing solution plan that fits perfectly with your expectations. We have experts in quality assurance testing in local and global markets. You can use our resources to leverage advanced industry trends and to explore the diverse talent pools. As leading testing recruitment provider, we provide you with customized solutions, meeting your business goals with the specific skills you need. Our global temporary staffing division can quickly connect you with the global talent you need to keep your business moving forward.
Features of our staffing services:
· Flexible and dynamic staffing.
· Dedicated Recruitment team.
· We employ qualified staff with a proven track record.
· Provide on-demand staffing solutions by reducing project time.
· Network of Quality Control Engineers
· Innovative and Fast Recruitment and Retention
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