What is 5G ?

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What is 5G ?

5G is an advanced Mobile communication Technology. This is actually the 5th Generation of Mobile Network Technology which is more advanced and 10x faster than 4G LTE. 5G NR has increased data rates, Energy efficiency, Spectral Efficiency and Battery Consumption. This is a Platform of innovations which connects some of the non-living objects and can even connect the whole world of technology with improved performance, efficiency and cost. It has the potential to connect a huge range of industries with their services from seller to buyer (like education, transportation, eCommerce etc) in between.

How does 5G Work ?

5G is basically based on mmWave Deployment. It uses Higher band Spectrum which delivers the highest performance for 5G. The only drawback of 5G is, it has a low coverage area as it has more frequency. As frequency of 5G is more- huge objects(like building , trees, walls) penetration is poor. So it works as nodes. To get 5G connectivity in whole area , Many Small Cells (Low Power Base Stations) are placed across the area so that it can be combined with reforming to a huge coverage.

How Fast is 5G ?

At the Near Coverage of the Low Power Base Stations it has literally an outstanding download Speed(>700Mbps, up to 20Gbps) which is 10x more than 4G LTE.

Advantages of 5G :

High Data Rates: 5G delivers faster data speeds. Peak data rates can give the experience of 20Gbps downlink and 10Gbps uplink in near cell at ideal condition.

Latency: The time it takes for data to travel from one point to another, should be at 4 milliseconds in ideal conditions.

Efficiency: Energy efficiency is more than 4G LTE in 5G and drops into low-energy mode while not in use. It can switch into a low-energy state within 10 milliseconds when no longer in use. Spectral Efficiency is also much more than the previous generation.

Others: For Mobility 5G Base Stations support 0 to 310 mph movement. It Supports many more connected devices than in LTE. In Ideal conditions, 5G can support up to 1 million connected devices per square kilometre.

What are the Uses of 5G ?

Mobile Broadband: 5GNR not only makes our smartphones better, but it also makes an impact in new hypnotic items such like VR(Virtual Reality) and AR(Augmented Reality) with high data rates, lower latency and more speed.

Internet of Things: 5G can smoothly connect to a huge number of embedded sensors in virtually everything through the ability to decrease in data rates, power and mobility to provide a very low-cost solution.

Critical communications: 5G enables services which can convert industries with highly reliable low latency links (like remote control of critical infrastructure, educations, vehicles, Entertainments and medical procedures)

Why Testing of 5G is Needed ?

The New features and implementations of 5G described above needs to be tested for smooth experience of users. Testing of the new technology will confirm if the device is ready with the new technology or not, the Networks are compatible with the device or not. Speed, Efficiency, Usability is good enough or needs more improvement to be ready for evolution.

Why 5G Testing in Marquistech?

Marquistech is One of the Leading Companies in the World in terms of Testing 5G. Having been since the inception of 5G- we have gathered experience in testing 5G all around the globe in several countries (namely USA , Canada, UK, Europe, Australia , Korea, etc). In the time spent with this technology, our main goal has always been to offer a comprehensive solution for planning, testing and monitoring devices according to standards, regulations and international customer requirements. Device Testing, Chipset Testing, Testing of Higher Data Rates, Battery Consumptions, Energy Efficiency, Spectral Efficiency and all significant features of 5G are mastered by the excellent team of Engineers that Marquistech is made up of.

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